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Lucy hired a MECHANIC

"Lucy hired a MECHANIC (Fundi) using Get A Pro to get her car fixed on time and very cheap. You do not have to spend the entire day researching and calling for the right mechanic to fix your car. GET A PRO TO ASSIST YOU-download the app

Fundi Alex


Twisa hired a photographer

"Twisa & Eric got the PHOTOGRAPHER from Get A Pro last minute for their great day. Few clicks away and download solved their problem. Do not let relatives to help as photographers they will ruin your great day. GET A PRO to assist you now!


Moddy Enterprises

Isaack got a Trainer

"Isaack got his Sports Trainer through Get A Pro after looking for a trainer for a long time. Not everybody who played can become a trainer, professionalism is involved in training others. Let GET A PRO help you to get one!

Coach Justin

Upanga, Dar-es-Salaam

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